Hi I'm Sam.

I am passionate about programming, delivering value, and creating innovative solutions to make life easier for people. I build interactive content for decentralized and mixed reality platforms that positvely impacts the world. I specialize in kotlin/java, typescript, and javascript (angular.js, react.js, express.js). I'm based in Toronto, Ontario.

I have worked as:

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A material design incremental based around setting Scoo's soul free.

Mobile app in development.

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A spatial aware pedometer which takes you through the journey of your favourite characters. As you move through your walk you will engage in events that happened at that time. Earn gold and treasure from events, and unlock new walks.

Built using Phonegap.

Ice Cream Stand

A multiplayer web game built ontop of web sockets (socket.io), canvas, and node.js. Currently has 70,000 players.

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Selfie Shoes

Helped launch a viral april fools day campaign with Miz Mooz.

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The Number

The Number is an educational puzzle game aimed at helping youth improve their math skills. Built in java.

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8-bit style multiplayer action real-time strategy. Towercraft is a 1v1 Action RTS or battle arena.

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